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There is no free education in Sierra Leone. Whether a child attends a government or private school, all must pay tuition and book fees, have a required uniform and black shoes. Depending on the grade the child is attending, the cost is approximately $300- $500 per year per child, with the older children having the higher tuition costs. When one thinks about the cost of education in the United States, even for children attending public schools (book fees, school supplies, backpacks, clothing and shoes), the cost in Sierra Leone is extremely small in comparison. But Louisa has 25 children attending school. If the cost is an average of $400 per child, that amounts to a great deal! Louisa also tries to help other poor children in the neighborhood who live with parents who can’t afford to send their child to school.

Can you help send one of the children to school? Any amount will help!

Education Fund – Help our children attend school this year

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