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On behalf of the children of saviour of the world, I bring you sincere and heartfelt greeting in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Little as I appear, I am Louisa Aminata Sankoh-Hughes, home mother saviour of the world children centre, Freetown sierra Leone.

I therefore take the greatest honour to vividly unveil, all that brought about the formation of saviour of the world children centre, and what its stands for.

Saviour of the world was conceived with the meeting with Fr. John Gibson, a Catholic priest. It was around June 2001 when I meet him. I was informed that Fr. John usually supply food, medicines and clothings to the poor of the poorest. So I decided to pay him a visit for two main reasons (1) is to beg for our daily bread and (2) to ask for medication for my younger brother who was seriousely sick to the point of death. As I was talking to Fr. John on that fateful day he asked me a lot of questions about my family, about my school, and the things I do daily. After our discussion he gave m 15 thousand leones (15,000) for my brother who was sick and 5,000 leones for our days food, that day I was just too happy and greatful to our lord Jesus Christ. So I promise to come back the next day if not for anything but to help in the house, I did not fail at all I report the next day and I help in cleaning of the floor of the house, I do some laundering, I help in the kitchen to prepare food for the priest in the house. Gradually I became door keeper at anytime people visit for help I will be there to call the queue. Bit by bit, I started going out to the poor, the sick people, and prisoners with priests who preached the Gospel. As I became more fasinated and amazed at their work, I decided I will like to be a catholic sister. In 2002 Fr. John returned to the united states and he sends money for the continuity of the charity work to the poor, the needy and the amputee, the street children, and the homeless.

Though my parent where both muslims but they did not condem me. But what they did is that they welcomed and accepted my idea of becoming a Christian more precisely Catholicism. They appreciated what I do and my going out to the poor. I was gratefully inspired by my parent because they always give me words of causion at any time you go out to the poor. As my father usually says “ do the work you are asked to do with honesty, patience and with a big heart to accept them all”

Nevertheless my working with the poor, needy, sick people, street children, orphans and teenagers, as young as 10-18 years giving up their pride of womanhood for survival in my community precisely, become a burning issue in my soul and which I had no regret to handle or face because each time I saw these young and helpless people and children surffering, I saw Jesus suffering. Realizing that helping the children in the street will not savage the situation I confided in Rossann Kouris, who was helping from America, and asked if I would adopt the children and gathering them in a house. They agreed to my request and as a result I hastily petitioned the Government through the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children Affairs, and I was given the approval to go ahead.

I started saviour of the world in October 2004 with 15 children, two months later, I became a little mother of 20 children all housed together. Being my desire to serve and Jesus our Lord and Saviour, I was asked a question about what name have I decided to give to the Home. I told Saviour of the world Children Centre, as we continued with our discussion he asked me why I have choosen that name and not Louisa’s Orphanage, I replied and said Jesus Christ died for our sins just to save mankind, and no mather the situation he can change it in a minits and these chilfen need that saviour in their lives and besides Louisa is just a poor and homeless young woman who need Jesus too , to help her in the Work. So I told that this is my reason for given the name.

Working with the children give me a lot of courage, fun, and joy I am happy working and living with them and I did this not because I felt sorry for them and wanted to help but because I saw a hungry, sick, clothless, homeless and poor Jesus in them and I wanted to feed him, cloth him give him medication and a place to lay his head. And from then till now, I have 35 children ranging in age 1year to 16 years old, and of which 17 are boys and 18 girls.

Friends as I stand here, my inspirator is our lord Jesus Christ and he is our helping hand and my fate as a catholic Christian is always rekindled in my life in a special song which flows in my heart, each moment I go down on my knees before God on behalf of the children and I love this song so much.

It sings

Indeed Jesus has have his way in me and I thank him for coming in to my life. I had no regret in dealing with the little ones or the poor but it gives me joy, and I know with the joy flowing in my heart and with the help of our lord he will give us the strength to go forward.

Nontheless, the running of a non-profitable organization like this is not easy, so I must commend you for all your donations, prayers, have been very effective in the running of saviour of the world. Though I have always had my good intensions to serve and help the poor, I must confess that I would’nt have been able to continue with saviour of the world children centre, if not for your generousity. I for one know that is is not easy to give because before you give you need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love, which I know all of you have shown. So for this reason I always say this prayer.

Teach me oh good lord
To serve you, to give and not to count,
The cost to fight and not to heed
The wounds to toil and not to seek for rest
To labour and not to ask for reward,
Save that of not doing your will

I think this prayer has helped me a lot in raising the children as I worked toether with my family and workers to raise them in a God fearing way by spreading the message to them, by praying every day 2 times a day. They are little and tender but they know the importance of praying and fasting and in our home there is no joke in prayers. Their spiritual and moral lives are alive these has the manifestation that I have 2 girls who wanted to be catholic sisters and 2 boys who wanted to be priest. I thank God for this because it is not by my know how but it is by the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.

A manifestation of this is shown in this story. In june this year, I host 8 teenage girls who where preparing for their high school entrance exams. But at any time they want to study they will quarrel for a very long time and they did not always join us in prayers. Then my little girls will come out and causioned them to keep quite and they will tell them, mummy don’t like to quarrel and she did not like noise. You did not pray that is why you always quarrel . they will sit down teach them about prayers and at the end they will tell them let us pray, they did this several time, guess what when the girls return to their houses, every Sunday’s we see them in the church. These children are just too special and loving children, I love them so much!!!.

I will conclude by giving thanks to God for his wonderful work that is going on in saviour of the world and for your lives, your spiritual, moral, material and financial support to saviour of the world. For as long as you have done this for the children of saviour of the world you have done it for Jesus. And above all, the children of saviour of the world, my parent, family, and workers asked me to send warm greatings to you. And the children send you a message to tell you that they are calling you; they need you, they need your sacrifice, they need your dedication, they want you to understand them, teach them, educate them, and bring them up in the Lords ways.

Louisa Thanks You!

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