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"Whoever receives one child such as this in my name receives me." - Matthew 8:15
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Dearest Family,

The children of Saviour of the World say I most tell you that they Love you, they cherish you, they care for you, that they are praying for you and most of all they need you in their lives.

We pray that we all have the happiest of the Birth of Christ and A blessed and Prosperous new year. And May the coming year marks the era of world peace, love. We greet you all with the love of Christ HAPPY NEW YEAR.

With love and prayer,
Louisa and children

THANK YOU! Your love is amazing.


During this time of COVID-19, many people are suffering from unemployment. Donations to Savior of the World have also understandably have gone down. Please remember that you are the reason this orphan home stays open. You a are the reason these children have food, clothing, shelter, and education. We are not supported by any corporate sponsors or grants. These children depend soley on individual donations from ordinary people like you. If you are able, please help these children!

Please continue to pray that the home stays open. The children pray for you every day.

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