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Today in Sierra Leone, there is a child who needs you. Today, this child is waiting for you. Right now, he is hoping that you will provide food for his next meal. Right now, she is wondering if you will help her attend school next year.

These are not daydreams. They are cold facts to the children in Sierra Leone. They do not know if there will be food today or tomorrow. They do not know if they will grow up being able to read and write, or to have the skills necessary for a job. They do not know if the next time they get malaria, they will die for lack of medicines.

They have all known severe hunger. They have all had malaria and typhoid and have seen children die from it. They have seen children denied entrance into school because they could not pay the fees. They have all gotten sick from contaminated water and food. They have all seen the lepers begging on the steps of the church.

Life is very hard. The future is uncertain. Yet each child carries in his or her heart a brilliant hope. Hope of growing up. Hope of a continuing peace in their country. Hope of knowing that someone loves them and that they are worth something. All of Louisa’s children have very sad stories. They have lost their parents during the war to violence, hunger, and disease. Others were rescued from abortion. And some of the children were victims of extreme abuse.


You can “adopt” one or more of these children through sponsorship. You can not only provide food, medicine, clothing, and education for them, but you can also become part of their lives. You can be a friend, an auntie, or an uncle to a child who, except for Louisa, has no one to care about them. Each of the children long to know that they are special, that they have a future, that God does love them intensely. You, my friend, are the hand of God, who will be that person who loves that child and will change their lives for the good, for now and for eternity.

Louisa has high hopes for all her children. She wants them to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. She wants them to become compassionate and responsible adults. She wants them to be the leaders of tomorrow- leaders who understand sorrow and suffering, but also know the joy of being loved and belonging.


Adopting one of these children through sponsorship is unlike other worldwide sponsorship programs. We are a very small operation with a very small budget. All of us working for the program in the United States are volunteers. No one gets paid. We do not have an office; all the work is done from our homes. Money sent for the children, goes to the children.

Can you make the love of Jesus Christ visible in this world through the eyes of a child?

Your child will be excited to have you as part of their life. As a sponsor you will be able to watch your child grow, exchange letters and gifts, and form a relationship that will influence them to become a responsible and compassionate adult. You will receive a packet that will include a picture of your child, their history, a letter of introduction from your child, and sponsorship information.

You also have the option to just receive letters and pictures from your child without having to respond with your own letters. There is no obligation to write letters or send gifts, and you can cancel your sponsorship at any time.

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